SAP BO Design Studio Solutions

SAP Design Studio Dashboards

GrayMatter’s SAP Design Studio Dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of individual customers and delivered in rich, interactive visual displays to help executives track KPIs and identify exceptions immediately. Smart designs and appealing colors ensure that the meaningful insights stand out distinctively!

With SAP Design Studio 1.6 bringing in a host of new features, GrayMatter SAP Design Studio geeks are rearing to have a go at the all new version and create more and more robust, insightful and appealing dashboards! Enhanced end-user analyses options, new and improved components (like geomap, tree, timer), extended data limit for universe connectivity, offline data (CSV files) as data sources promise enhanced and more effective dashboards in the near future!

SAP Design Studio Dashboards

SAP Design Studio Dashboards and Components

GrayMatter had delivered insightful SAP Design Studio dashboards to customers across industries like electronics, retail, aviation, information technology and others. Register now for a case study on SAP Design Studio engagement with a marquee customer!

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