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SAP Business Objects Migration – Why BI 4.1 Migration?

SAP BI 4.1 Migration

Data Access: New dimensional semantic layer,  multi-source universe and better integration with SAP BW Services
Usability: Interoperability, advanced analytical insight, brand new search capability and harmonized user experience across the suite
Cost of Ownership: Integrated platform monitoring, advanced auditing capabilities, 64 bits server architecture, supportability and root-cause analysis
Save time and resources to manage and administrate your system: SAP HANA support, new maintenance model, monitoring and diagnosis, auditing   enhancements, lifecycle management  and System Configuration Wizard
Enterprise Readiness: Multi-tenancy enhancements, new upgrade tool, new BI functionality, SAP product standards, multilingual and hot backup of BI   repository
Lower user support calls with intuitive information access: Content search, portal integration, alerting, insight to action, new Customizable BI Launch Pad,   BI Workspaces and collaboration via SAP Jam
Migration: SAP Business Objects Migration and BI 4.1 Migration

BI 4.1 Migration – 4-step Migration Approach

SAP Business Objects Migration

SAP Business Objects Migration : BI 4.1 Migration & Upgrade Strategy – Big-bang upgrade or a staged approach?

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