SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Custom Component Development using SAP Design Studio Plugin

Executives demand for compelling visualization, intuitive analyses and engaging insights with a seamless user experience necessitates the need for BI custom add-ons or custom components. GrayMatter’s SAP Design Studio Plugin and SAP Design Studio Components address various BI needs like KPI indicators, metrics comparison, collaboration, rich visualization, enhanced slice & dice capability, superior UI features and so on. What is the Design Studio SDK? The Design Studio SDK is a Software Development Kit that allows developers to develop third party...
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Turbo Charge your SAP Design Studio Applications!

Executives want to gauge their business through well-organized metrics and KPI’s to make timely, clear and consistent decisions. Key decision makers expect to view their dashboards depicting real-time data /sap-design-studio-dashboards”>SAP Design Studio Applications (containing Pagebook or Tablets) to reduce load time and improve performance. Most SAP Design Studio Applications and Plugins use Pagebook design with each page having one dashboard. I want to address how to improve performance during initial load and also how to improve performance after initial load when...
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